• New Website! Blogging has BEGUN!!

    So excited about my new website and  opportunity to Blog! This is a new challenge for me so I hope you will come on board and share information with me and my excitement for the year ahead. Are you ready?

    I want to hear your Beatle stories and adventures! Mine are all in the book Confessions of a Beatlemaniac! But, here I am 50 years later, and the excitement continues as I get ready to fly to Cleveland for Ringo’s Induction into the Hall of Fame on Saturday, April 18! He and Paul will be performing at Public Auditorium which is the same place I saw them for the first time in 1964!! I have one ticket and two books–one for Paul and one for Ringo! Do you think it is possible I will give it to them and even get a picture?? lol Anything is possible!!