• Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame Induction of Ringo!!

    I was there!!  April 18, Public Hall, Cleveland, Ohio!  What was really ironic is that is the same place I saw the Beatles for the first time  in 1964.  I was only 14 years old and I still remember where my seat was!

    The Hall seemed much bigger than I remember and the crowd wasn’t as loud or as wild or as young as we were 51 years ago!   During that time hardly any media covered the event with film footage  compared to today’s high tech cameras and sound systems.

    I was fortunate enough to know the right people who got me into the Hall early during rehearsals.  Missed Paul and Ringo, but was ready to give them my autographed book should we meet up in the hallway!  lol   As I scanned the main floor for Paul and Ringo’s table, WHAM!  There it was!!   Their picture along with Yoko’s and Olivia Harrison’s and all the wives, were posted on top of the chairs.  I squatted down between Paul and Nancy’s chair and had my friend take a quick picture of me holding my book.  As I got up I noticed gift bags on each chair……Hmmmm…..what do you think I did??

    Security was all around, but I didn’t have time to think about that and slipped my book into Paul’s gift bag!!!   Do you believe it–I was so nervous!  Thank God, security didn’t come over and interrogate me.  It would have been soooo humiliating.

    During the concert I saw Nancy look through the bag and she pulled out my book and was flipping through it!!  Success!   The McCartney’s now have my book!!   I keep checking my e-mail for a “thank you.”   You will be the first to know if that happens!!