About Me

If I had known what she was doing, I would have grounded her!” ~ ADELE ELIAS, Dee’s Mother

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Author Dee Elias grew up in rural Ohio as part of the Baby Boomer generation. Like millions of teenagers in those days, she loved the Beatles. She left Cleveland after high school and her life since then has been an adventure, filled with travel and a variety of professional experiences. She’s lived in New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles and now resides in the little paradise of Santa Barbara, California.

Her professional resume’ arcs like a rainbow: she is a certified physical therapist and she’s worked as a real estate agent, esthetician, flight attendant, aerobic exercise instructor, PBS host and she’s done extensive volunteer work here and in Latin America. Part of her adventurous spirit and her entrepreneurial belief that she can do anything she sets her mind to, stems from what happened at the end of this book.

Today, she is an author and the owner and CEO of ‘Deetours of Santa Barbara, Inc.’. The company offers FUN wine-tasting tours in Santa Ynez Valley just outside of Santa Barbara in a 2006 red stretched-out jeep limo! “It has been the best job ever,” says Dee, who still loves adventure. She attends a cardio Boot Camp several times a week, is learning Spanish, enjoys tequila, and still loves the Beatles. Ahhhh!!