• THE SHORT FILM is finished!!

    Our 20 min. film called CONFESSIONS OF A BEATLEMANIAC! is finished and is being submitted to Film Festivals!  I will let you know when and where we get accepted–wish me luck!!

    The DVD will be available for purchase in 2017 since I can’t sell it while submitting to Film Festivals.  Keep in touch!




    Check out this link and participate in making this film a reality!!   With gratitude, Dee!!




  • For Immediate Release
    July 30, 2015

    Santa Barbara, California – Santa Barbara author, Dee Elias, has agreed to be a keynote speaker with Julia Baird, John Lennon’s sister, and other well-known Beatle authors, during Beatle Week in Liverpool, England next month.

    Dee’s delightful memoire’, Confessions of a Beatlemaniac, will make its debut in England during the celebration. The book is a funny and touching account of how, as Ohio teenagers, she and her best friends plotted and schemed for two years to meet the Fab Four in person. Their dreams eventually came true, but it is the sweet and superbly written story of their misadventures along the way that makes Elias a star attraction among Beatle fans. “I loved the book…and I was at that concert at Cleveland Stadium in 1964!” U.S. Senator, Sherrod Brown (Ohio), recently wrote to Dee.

    Ms. Baird, who is now part-owner of the Cavern Club in Liverpool, and Jon Keats, Director, Events and Marketing, personally extended the invitation to present her book during Beatle Week and Elias immediately accepted. Beatle Week in Liverpool, which often draws thousands of fans, begins August 29th and a number of events commemorating the world’s most famous rock band are planned.

    {The book is available at: Dee is available for interviews before and after her trip to Liverpool. She is the founder and owner of DeeTours of Santa Barbara Wine Tours, headquartered in Santa Barbara, California.}

    Dee Elias (805) 705-3198

  • ABBEY ROAD ON THE RIVER! Louisville, KY May 22-25

    What fun!!  Thousands attended Abbey Road on the River in Louisville, KY, to hear the best musicians from around the world playing Beatles’ music all day long!  Several authors were on hand to speak and sell their books, including myself, and Julia Baird (John Lennon’s sister!)

    The winner of my free, autographed copy of CONFESSIONS OF A BEATLEMANIAC! was JOHN SADAUSKAS from Indiana!  Congratulations, John!

    Next book signings for me are in Chicago at the BeatleFest in mid-August, and in Liverpool at BeatleWeek the end of August/first of September!  Wow, can’t wait for that!!  

    Keep in touch with me and let me know what great stories you have to share!!  We are all part of a huge Beatle family!!  Dee



  • Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame Induction of Ringo!!

    I was there!!  April 18, Public Hall, Cleveland, Ohio!  What was really ironic is that is the same place I saw the Beatles for the first time  in 1964.  I was only 14 years old and I still remember where my seat was!

    The Hall seemed much bigger than I remember and the crowd wasn’t as loud or as wild or as young as we were 51 years ago!   During that time hardly any media covered the event with film footage  compared to today’s high tech cameras and sound systems.

    I was fortunate enough to know the right people who got me into the Hall early during rehearsals.  Missed Paul and Ringo, but was ready to give them my autographed book should we meet up in the hallway!  lol   As I scanned the main floor for Paul and Ringo’s table, WHAM!  There it was!!   Their picture along with Yoko’s and Olivia Harrison’s and all the wives, were posted on top of the chairs.  I squatted down between Paul and Nancy’s chair and had my friend take a quick picture of me holding my book.  As I got up I noticed gift bags on each chair……Hmmmm…..what do you think I did??

    Security was all around, but I didn’t have time to think about that and slipped my book into Paul’s gift bag!!!   Do you believe it–I was so nervous!  Thank God, security didn’t come over and interrogate me.  It would have been soooo humiliating.

    During the concert I saw Nancy look through the bag and she pulled out my book and was flipping through it!!  Success!   The McCartney’s now have my book!!   I keep checking my e-mail for a “thank you.”   You will be the first to know if that happens!!

  • New Website! Blogging has BEGUN!!

    So excited about my new website and  opportunity to Blog! This is a new challenge for me so I hope you will come on board and share information with me and my excitement for the year ahead. Are you ready?

    I want to hear your Beatle stories and adventures! Mine are all in the book Confessions of a Beatlemaniac! But, here I am 50 years later, and the excitement continues as I get ready to fly to Cleveland for Ringo’s Induction into the Hall of Fame on Saturday, April 18! He and Paul will be performing at Public Auditorium which is the same place I saw them for the first time in 1964!! I have one ticket and two books–one for Paul and one for Ringo! Do you think it is possible I will give it to them and even get a picture?? lol Anything is possible!!